Dr. Bonnie Carpenter - Psychologist

Dr. Bonnie Carpenter - Psychologist 604 South 10th. Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Phone: 215.995.4087
Fax: 215.928.1274

People come to treatment for a variety of reasons. I view each person as unique and strive to assist individuals to overcome challenges and meet the goals that are important in their lives. As we work to let go of behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are not useful in the present, new healthier patterns can emerge and be adopted. Treatment is always focused on achieving a greater sense of comfort and satisfaction, psychologically, emotionally physically and spiritually.

I am particularly focused on stress management and the use of hypnosis and mindfulness to aid individuals in reducing anxiety as well as improving satisfaction with themselves and the life choices they are making.

In addition to the variety of techniques and modalities I use with individuals, I am a certified homeopath and use this knowledge for a deeper level of understanding of each person.