Dr. Bonnie Carpenter - Psychologist

Dr. Bonnie Carpenter - Psychologist 604 South 10th. Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Phone: 215.995.4087
Fax: 215.928.1274

Years in Practice: 30+ Years

School: Temple University

Year Graduated: 1976

License No. and State: PS003693L

American Psychological Association:  Member since 1982

Pennsylvania Psychological Association: Member since 1990

ASCH Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis: Certificate 1994

Membership: ASCH/Clinical Hypnosis Member Since: 1989

Menbership: GPSCH/Clinical Hypnosis 1989

R.S. Hom(N.A.) North American Society of Homeopaths:  Certificate 1995 Member since 1994

CCH Council for Homeopathic Certification: Certificate 1995 Member since 1994